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Environment, Quality & Process

Environment - CEMARS® 3RD Party Certification Sustainably Leading The Industry

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McKechnie has a strong commitment to the environment and actively promotes internal recycling and resource responsibility programs.  These initiatives have contributed to McKechnie being awarded Enviro-Mark® Diamond level certification and receiving AS/NZS ISO 14001 international certification for their environmental management systems. 

McKechnie Aluminium is firmly committed to a long-term environmental and sustainable future for the benefit of a cleaner and greener New Zealand. Sound and sustainable environmental management is an integral business goal and we acknowledge this by recognising the importance company operations must adhere to with our environmental protection programmes, to the benefit of all major stakeholders and to our position in the local and wider community. 

Conscious of preserving natural resources for future generations, McKechnie is the only aluminium extrusion business in New Zealand and one of very few in Australasia to operate a remelt casthouse for recycling of scrap aluminium. Onsite recycling of scrap aluminium uses only 5% of the energy used to produce alumina and significantly reduces the carbon footprint of importing aluminium logs and exporting scrap.  Recycling aluminium does not compromise the quality of the product. 

The company works closely with the Taranaki Regional Council and New Plymouth District Council to manage compliance with all resource consents and approvals and complying with all legal and statutory requirements. Our employees are trained to recognise their environmental responsibilities, and the importance of their individual contributions to the integrity of our environmental systems. Environmental leadership, management and protection are an integral part of our business which promotes and encourages a spirit of environmental consciousness.

McKechnie is the world's first aluminium extruder to achieve third-party CEMARS® environmental certification by Enviro-Mark Solutions

Achieving a carbon footprint (Scope 1 & 2*) of 1.21kg of CO2e per kg of aluminium which is 90% better than the global average of 11.5kg^ of CO2e per kg of aluminium.

McKechnie is the only extruder to have a remelt therefore our aluminium has a very high recycled content and verified compliance and standards.

(*Full Life Cycle is 5.62kg of CO2e per kg of Aluminium. ^Source: Rio Tinto)

Quality Management and International Standards

McKechnie is dedicated to providing customers with the highest standard of quality.  A series of internal audit processes together with international standard AS/NZS ISO 9001 Quality Management System certification ensure customer satisfaction is exceeded and opportunities for continual improvements are realised.

The most relevant product standards utilised by McKechnie Aluminium include:

Download our Integrated Health, Environment and Quality Statement below.

Aluminium Process Flow

The basic aluminium manufacturing process is as follows:

  1. Step 1:   Scrap Remelt
  2. Step 2:   Log Casting
  3. Step 3:   Homogenising
  4. Step 4:   Billet Cutting
  5. Step 5:   Extrusion
  6. Step 6:   Re-cut
  7. Step 7:   Ageing
  8. Step 8:   Fabrication / Mill / Anodise / Powder Coat
  9. Step 9:   Packing
  10. Step 10:  Despatch

Download our Aluminium Process Flow Chart.

Quality, Health, Safety & Environmental Policy

Our Values

Our Commitment

McKechnie Aluminium Solutions Ltd recognises that providing a healthy and safe workplace, protection of the environment and quality products and services is imperative to its overall business goals and, in recognising our position in the local community, we will strive towards eliminating harm from our workplace and to our environment.

Download our  Quality, Health, Safety & Environmental policy