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McKechnie Systems

McKechnie Aluminium offer a range of systems that are made from our aluminium extrusions, along with componentry and hardware. Click link below to download our Systems Book.

Systems Book

Wardrobe Doors

Whisper Wardrobe System

For a contemporary look, the Whisper wardrobe door is a premium system designed to run smoothly and quietly. It is capable of fitting triple sliding panels within a 90mm door jamb. This system is ideal for new installations as well as retrofit. It is fabricated with quality products and components. Our unique design looks modern and has an extensive range of colour and infill options.

Pacific Wardrobe System 

The Pacific wardrobe door is a quality economical system that has been around for a number of years and has proven itself in people’s homes. The sections are extruded and finished to McKechnie’s high standards, they are easily installed and look great.


Security Doors, Grilles and Flyscreen

Stay safe with our door and window security grilles made from quality extrusions.  McKechnie Aluminium Securemesh products offer great protection and peace of mind.  Now you can relax, knowing that McKechnie security products are preventing unwanted intruders from entering your premises.  Our security products have been designed to meet tough environment conditions and offer strength and durability as well as being aesthetically pleasing.

McKechnie Securimesh

McKechnie Aluminium’s Securimesh / Flyscreen systems provide cost effective security against intruders and pests in your home or business. It gives great protection to dwellings and property and peace of mind for the owner. Our products are made from quality extrusions and components, they have been designed to meet tough environmental conditions offering strength and durability.


Windows and Doors

Retrofit Double Glazing

Enjoy the benefits of double glazing using your existing joinery. Retrofitting is a cost effective way to replace existing single pane glass with double glazing, without compromising the look of your joinery, while improving the thermal properties of your home.

Retrofit double glazing reduces condensation which helps create a drier, healthier home for you and your family. It will keep your home cooler in summer, warmer in winter and more comfortable all year round while vastly assisting in noise reduction.

At McKechnie Aluminium, we are able to surface finish frames to match your existing joinery colours with a 5 day lead time.

Internal Glazing

Internal glazing sections are available ex-stock in anodised natural or mill finish ready to powder coat as required.


Fences and Gates

McKechnie Fences and Gates

McKechnie Aluminium stocks a range of products for the fence and gate market.


Other Building Products

WANZ Bars, Head Flashing and Sill Pans are a just a few of the extrusions we offer to the building market.