McKechnie and Omega Closed as a result of the NZ Govt Covid19 decision to move the country to Level 4 status.

We will reopen on April 23rd, 2020

As most of you will be aware the New Zealand Government moved the country to a Level 3 crisis status on Monday March 23rd and to Level 4 at midnight on Wednesday 25th March 2020.

This means that along with most businesses, we will be closing down from 2.30 pm on Wednesday 25th of March, 2020 for a period of four weeks. At this stage we will look to re-open on Thursday the 23rd of April 2020.

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Wall Thickness

Wall Thickness Tolerances for Class A Hollow Shapes

all dimesions in millimetres unless specified - tighter tolerances available on request

Note:  When the dimensions specified are outside and inside, rather than wall thickness itself, the allowable deviation of the wall thickness applies to the mean wall thickness. The mean wall thickness is the average of the maximum and minimum measured wall thickness, when measured at the ends of the cut length.