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Aluminium Extrusion

Remelt Casthouse

This is where it all starts - casting aluminium logs for the extrusion process. McKechnie operate New Zealand's only remelt casthouse which offers us two significant advantages.  

Firstly, we have total control of the casting process important for ensuring consistency in the quality of aluminium logs we produce for extrusion.

Secondly, by using mainly recyclable aluminium scrap from our own manufacturing process and scrap sourced from other New Zealand extruders, we are doing our bit to save the environment.

The energy consumed to make extrusion from recycled aluminium is 10 times less than the energy required to make an equivalent amount of extrusion from virgin aluminium sourced from the aluminium smelters.


Our extensive knowledge of the remelt process has enabled us to have total control of the process from the start allowing McKechnie Aluminium to cast not only a range of standard alloys, but also specialty alloys by request. 

Design and Development

McKechnie Aluminium has its own onsite design team to help guide our customers from potential pitfalls when it comes to extrusion design. Our team guides customers through design tolerances, moments of inertia, and certain other intricate characteristics of aluminium. We would highlight areas of concern and recommend enhances to customers to ensure the customer gets the right product.


McKechnie Aluminium is the only company in New Zealand to have its own on-site tool room with heat treatment facilities for producing dies for the extrusion process. Some tooling manufacture is also outsourced for certain complex profiles where specialist expertise may be required.

An on-site die correction team is also present to ensure the extrusion is within tolerance and customer's specifications at all times.




Being New Zealand’s first extruder, McKechnie Aluminium prides itself in providing quality extrusion to the market. Our two presses are well maintained and provide the most comprehensive options for extrusion in New Zealand.

Two direct type extrusion presses:

McKechnie Aluminium Solutions operates two extrusion presses. 1 x 7 inch and 1 x 9 inch with 10 inch capability for certain shapes. Our 9 inch press is state of the art and provides local options for supply of larger and heavier extrusion designs.

Extrusion Press