McKechnie and Omega Closed as a result of the NZ Govt Covid19 decision to move the country to Level 4 status.

We will reopen on April 23rd, 2020

As most of you will be aware the New Zealand Government moved the country to a Level 3 crisis status on Monday March 23rd and to Level 4 at midnight on Wednesday 25th March 2020.

This means that along with most businesses, we will be closing down from 2.30 pm on Wednesday 25th of March, 2020 for a period of four weeks. At this stage we will look to re-open on Thursday the 23rd of April 2020.

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Fabrication / Automotive

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Our collaboration with OEM partners into the design and development of new products and components have given McKechnie Fabrication a very good standing in the market. We are also well respected as having the necessary engineering and technical skills to solve problems and provide solutions to complex product development initiatives. We also have a reputation to scale up to our OEM customer's expectations within a very short time.

In recent years McKechnie Fabrication have invested significantly in the automotive accessory manufacturing assets. We are now manufacturing a number of products such as roof racks, sports bars, bull bars, nudge bars, truck decks, side bars, tonneau cover header rails for OEMs such as Ford, Mazda, Holden, Toyota and Nissan. Our fully integrated manufacturing facility from remelt through to fabrication has given our business partners significant confidence in our ability to supply top quality products to the automotive industry

Titan Truck Decks

With over 50 years experience manufacturing for the automotive and transport industries, McKechnie Aluminium understands the importance of brand commitment and being there for the long haul. Evidence of this commitment is our unique Titan 3 year/100,000km guarantee*.


  • Integral steps = safe access on both sides
  • Cab protection = safety and protection
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  • Headboard tie-pins = load security
  • Tail-light protectors
  • Full length load tie-down rails
  • Transport engineer certified = peace of mind
  • Reduced rattle latches
  • 3 year/100,000km guarantee = confidence
  • Reduced rattle hinges = reduced stress
  • Rear vision = minimised wing mirror blind spot
  • Strong side-boards and tailgate
  • Integral cavity to accept plywood or tread plate in the side boards and tailgate

This is the best truck deck in Australasia by far!