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Company Profile

About McKechnie

As pioneers of the aluminium extrusion process in New Zealand, McKechnie has continually adopted advances in the technology and manufacturing processes.  This commitment to leadership, allied to advance in metallurgy, has seen McKechnie’s products continue to enhance McKechnie’s reputation for excellence across every function.

Leading global brands trust McKechnie to deliver aluminium components that create product success.  With our culture of advanced thinking and design innovations, when it comes to transforming aluminium, almost anything is possible with McKechnie. 

Toitū carbonreduce (previously CEMARS®) Product Certification - Sustainably Leading the Industry

McKechnie® is the first NZ Aluminium joinery manufacturer to achieve third-party Toitū carbonreduce (previously CEMARS®) product certification by Enviro-Mark Solutions Ltd.

Achieving a carbon footprint of 1.35kg of CO2e per Kg of Aluminium on a Scope 1 and 2* basis which is 88% better than the global average (11.5kg^ CO2e per kg of aluminium) Toitū carbonreduce (previously CEMARS®) third party certified.


 (*Full Life Cycle is 8.19kg of CO2e per kg of Aluminium. ^Source: Rio Tinto)


McKechnies inception began in 1871 when Duncan McKechnie started a metal extraction works at St Helens, Lancashire.  Duncan’s sons Daniel and Alex McKechnie, backed by their father, started in partnership as copper and silver refiners in Widnes in 1891.  Operations moved to Birmingham in 1894 and the first extrusion press was installed in 1910.  The company initially specialised in brass, bronze, nickel silver and copper extrusions.  

New Zealand operations began on 27 February 1951 when the McKechnie Brothers (NZ) company was incorporated.  Careful consideration was given to the location of the plant, and the city of New Plymouth was chosen because of its locality mid-way between the Auckland and Wellington markets, and because of its availability to suitable labour.  The five-acre site was originally purchased in Carrington Street in 1951, however, the installation of the plant was delayed due to an extensive shipping strike in NZ, and it was not until 08 August 1953 that the first brass billet was extruded.  

With the commencement of aluminium extrusion in 1959 and the growth of the brass market, the company had rapidly outgrown its original site.  In 1966 the company purchased 57 acres of land in Bell Block and significantly increased the size of the operations.  Factory space increased to 144,000 sq ft, against the old area of 68,000 sq ft.  The plant was relocated in 1967 where it still remains today.

In 2002 the company exited the Copper and Brass operations and became a single site Aluminium manufacturing operation.  In April 2004 the company was acquired by a consortium which included senior managers of the company.

Vision and Mission Statements

To create solutions for our customers by transforming aluminium.  

Through collaborative design, manufacturing flexibility and zero harm to people and the environment.

McKechnie Values

Our Values are the source and guideposts for the way we work here: they are the foundation on which all our actions should be based:

Precision Delivery

Our customers rely us on to provide a precise and quality service that is unparalleled in Australasia.  We understand our customers’ needs and work alongside them to provide tailor-made solutions that fit perfectly.  We’re well known in the marketplace for our customer-focused standards. 

Integrated Teamwork

Underpinning everything we do is our ability to work in partnership with customers. Being clear about our customers’ needs means we can anticipate issues and respond quickly.  Our internal team mechanisms allow us to deliver a seamless, proactive service to every customer, every time. 

Integrate thinking

Creativity is seeing the same thing as everyone else – but being able to imagine possibilities others can’t. We’re committed to taking on challenges that others can’t or won’t. Our advanced thinking, flexibility and innovative practices have earned us a reputation as the smartest operator in the market.  Find us an issue and we’ll give you a creative solution

Integrated Service

McKechnie's seamless integrated process from conceptualisation of ideas to finished products provides customers with the competitive advantage of innovative thinking, leveraged experience and production efficiency.

 Creative Partnership

Integrated Manufacturing Process

The integrated manufacturing process is unique to McKechnie.

 25 Year Club

We are proud of our long-serving employees (current and past) who have reached and in many cases exceeded 25 years of service to the company. This exclusive club meets annually where they catch up on the old times and get briefed on the developments within the company.  In 2009 the 25-year club celebrated its silver anniversary. 

In total to date, there are 146 members that have achieved the milestone of 25 years service. The 25-year club annual celebration is well attended by members and we are proud to continue this tradition.

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