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Pioneers of the aluminium extrusion process in New Zealand.

SINCE 1959

McKechnie® Aluminium

As pioneers of the aluminium extrusion process in New Zealand, McKechnie® has continually adopted advances in technology and manufacturing processes.

This commitment to leadership, applied to advances in metallurgy, has seen McKechnie’s products continue to enhance McKechnie’s reputation for excellence across every function.

Leading brands trust  McKechnie® to deliver aluminium components that create product success. With our culture of advanced thinking and innovations in design, when it comes to transforming aluminium, almost anything is possible with McKechnie. 

Vision and mission statements

To create solutions for our customers by transforming aluminium.

Through collaborative design, manufacturing flexibility and zero harm to people and the environment.

McKechnie® values.

Our values are the source and guideposts for the way we work here, they are the foundation on which all of our actions should be based.

Health and Safety

Health and Safety is the number one priority of McKechnie®. Our vision is for everyone to go home healthy and safe each day, and every employee at the company has an important role to play to ensure this happens.  


We think about sustainability in many ways. We’re of course concerned with environmental sustainability, but in a broader sense we see sustainability extending to other areas like mental health, work practices and a company that will employ and sustain families intergenerationally.


We see quality as the most critical of the traditional measures of manufacturing excellence.  Great service cannot be achieved without great quality. We believe poor quality is the enemy of productivity.   


Our next most important measure of manufacturing excellence.  Through great service, we facilitate the retention and growth of great customers, which in turn leads to high productivity. 


Productivity is always important to a manufacturing organisation, but when we get our top four values right, invest in the right kit, design good processes and put in a fair day's work, we will achieve great productivity.