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Toitū Certifications

Measuring our carbon emissions and our environmental footprint allows us to plan for a lower carbon, lower-impact future.

At McKechnie, we believe the key to a sustainable future is to actively reduce our carbon emissions, rather than just offsetting emissions produced. 

Our Certifications



Why we chose Toitū Envirocare

Toitū, established in 2001, is a government-owned Crown Research Institute. Toitū provides specialist, independent advice to help businesses measure, manage and reduce their carbon footprint and operate more sustainably.

Toitū certification requirements are grounded in science and conform with strict international standards such as ISO14067:2018, giving you the confidence that these certifications are recognised locally and in most international markets. 

McKechnie® holds both Toitū carbonreduce, and Toitū enviromark diamond certifications. We are audited for both certifications annually, which challenges us to continually strive towards improving our overall environmental performance. We acknowledge that the sustainability and decarbonisation journey is an ongoing commitment to minimise our impact on the environment as a business.

How we became certified

We are the only New Zealand aluminium extruder to achieve third-party Toitū carbonreduce product certification, which certifies organisations that meet the requirements of ISO 14067:2018 , one of the world’s best known environmental standards.

The first step we took in 2016 was to measure all of our emissions, thereafter we began planning for the decarbonisation of our operations. 

Our product footprint

The global average carbon footprint is 11.5kg of CO2e per kg of aluminium extruded. We have achieved a carbon footprint of 1.29kg of CO2e per kg of aluminium on a Scope 1 and 2 basis and a full lifecycle of just 7.73 CO2e per kg of aluminium verified through Toitū’s carbonreduce certification. 

More information about Toitū carbonreduce

Toitū enviromark diamond certification

Toitū enviromark diamond certified organisations have a self-sustaining environmental management system (EMS) in place. An EMS is a plan to mitigate negative impacts on the environment – and an ongoing commitment to identify potential risks, and put in place strategies to stop or reduce any impact.

Being certified with Toitū, which is reviewed annually, ensures that our EMS is objectively credible and consistent with international regulations. We continually drive compliance to our resources consent and relevant regulations to ensure ongoing compliance

More information about Toitū enviromark diamond.


89% less carbon emitted per kg than other aluminium extruders globally*


Toitū enviromark diamond certification


McKechnie® is the only New Zealand aluminium extruder to achieve Toitū carbonreduce product certification.