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Health & Safety

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Health & Safety

Our Commitment

  • To establish and maintain management systems to the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act, Environment (ISO 14001) and Quality (ISO 9001).
  • To provide Managers with personal performance plans and to measure, evaluate and review the Manager’s effectiveness in Workplace Health Safety and Environmental Management.
  • To develop, implement and review objectives and targets to ensure continual improvement of our occupational health and safety, environmental performance – including the prevention of pollution, and quality performance.
  • To provide appropriate resources to enable maintenance and continuous improvement of the occupational health and safety, environmental and quality management systems.
  • To monitor and minimise the impact of existing operations to reduce harm to workers and the environment.
  • To design and install plant, equipment and processes which will minimise hazards, the impact to the environment, and improve quality.
  • To comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act and other relevant legislation, regulations, standards and codes of practice and statutory requirements, resource consents and approvals.
  • To ensure all Health and Safety, Environmental or Quality incidents and injuries are accurately reported and recorded.
  • To design and manufacture products to customers specified requirements.
  • To provide information to all interested parties on our occupational health and safety, environmental and quality performance.

Our commitment to the environment 

  • To use raw materials efficiently, manage waste materials effectively, economically recycle materials and by-products where possible and to conserve all resources.
  • To utilise recycled aluminium for its durability and residual value after the intended lifetime.
  • To comply with all regulations and legislation stipulated within the company’s Environmental Management System.

Our commitment to our staff

  • To support the safe and early return to work of injured workers.
  • To involve workers in product and improvement initiatives.
  • To consult with and actively encourage workers to participate in health and safety.
  • To provide training to workers of occupational health and safety, environmental and quality responsibilities, and the importance of their individual contributions to our management systems.

McKechnie® recognises that providing a healthy and safe workplace, protection of the environment, and quality products and services is imperative to its overall business goals. In recognising our position in the local community, we will strive towards eliminating harm from our workplace and to our environment.

Download our Quality, Health, Safety & Environmental policy.

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Our Values

Health and Safety – is the number one priority of McKechnie®. Our vision is for everyone to go home healthy and safe each day, and every employee at the company has an important role to play to ensure this happens.  

Sustainability – we think about sustainability in many ways. We’re of course concerned with environmental sustainability, but in a broader sense we see sustainability extending to other areas like mental health, work practices and a company that will employ and sustain families intergenerationally.

Quality – we see quality as the most critical of the traditional measures of manufacturing excellence.  Great service cannot be achieved without great quality. We believe poor quality is the enemy of productivity.   

Service – our next most important measure of manufacturing excellence.  Through great service, we facilitate the retention and growth of great customers, which in turn leads to high productivity. 

Productivity – productivity is always important to a manufacturing organisation, but when we get our top four values right, invest in the right kit, design good processes and put in a fair day's work, we will achieve great productivity.