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Surface Finishing

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Surface Finishing

Powder Coating 

We have two powder coating lines, with the second state-of-the-art line commissioned in late 2021. We offer superior powder coat finishes suitable for both industrial end use and applications requiring a higher level of finish.

We offer up to 6.5m extrusion length capability.

We offer more than 100 colours, and can produce specialty colours and formulations on request. Please contact us for more details of our colour options.


Dulux Prime Accredited Powder Coater
Gold Interpon D Approved Applicator

Powder Coat Lines:

PC Line 1

  • Nordson application gear. Uses 10 guns horizontal + 2 manual guns
  • Manual spray booth feeding into line 1 curing oven

PC Line 2 - Commissioned in late 2021

  • GEMA application gear - Latest proven technology for horizontal lines - 14 guns vertical + 2 manual guns
  • Gema - global leader in powder coat technology (Swiss)
  • 10 bar loading and unloading system @ 6.5m max
  • 3.0 m/min conveyor speed
  • 29m cure oven @ 230C
  • PC Pre-treatment plant - Semi automated with dry off oven


  • WGANZ Powdercoat - Industry Standard & AS 1580.408.4 - 2004 Paints and related materials - Methods of test "Method 408.4: Adhesion (crosscut)
  • WGANZ Anodic Oxide coatings
  • Various New Zealand Standards - Internal extrusions and surface finishing tolerances
Surface Finishing

Anodising for great looks that last!

Anodising is a durable and hard-wearing finish offering maximum protection in harsh environments. A range of colours are available from natural, to black and micron finishes between 12μm and 25 μm, ensuring you achieve your desired look and durability.


Our Niche Anodised Finish uses a process of acid etching to give you a more uniform matte look to all visible aluminium surfaces. Niche Premium Anodised Finish has many advantages over standard anodising.

These include:

  • A smoother surface by reducing surface defects
  • A uniform look by reducing visible die lines
  • Environmentally friendlier alternative to standard anodising
  • A premium matte finish
  • Available in Natural, Black and Permak “Bronze” finishes

Standard anodising is also available.

McKechnie® anodised extrusions comply with:

  • AS/NZS 1866-1997: Aluminium and Aluminium Alloys
  • AS 1231-2000: Aluminium and Aluminium Alloys - Anodised Coatings for Architectural Applications
  • WANZ Specification [WANZ SFA 3503-03-2005]: Anodic Oxide Coatings On Wrought Aluminium for External Architectural Applications

McKechnie® products are produced under the controls of ISO 9001-2015 Quality Management and ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management.

McKechnie’s impressive Niche Premium Anodised finish uses a process of acid etching to produce a smooth, uniform matte look on all aluminium surfaces, while still giving you the durability and hard-wearing finish of niche anodising. A range of colours and micron finishes are offered to ensure you achieve the desired look.

Matt Natural Anodising

For a contemporary look, natural anodising is the most popular finish.  For harsh environments such as coastal or corrosive areas, natural anodising in 25μm offers the best protection. Natural Matte Anodising is available in 12μm, 20μm and 25μm to suit internal and external applications.

Permak "Bronze" Anodising

Suitable for a traditional feel or to suit darker colour schemes in architectural applications, Permak “Bronze” Anodising gives a timeless and classic look, while maintaining maximum protection. Light, medium, and dark anodised finishes are available in 12μm, 20μm and 25μm.

Black Anodising

More applicable for component and display hardware, we have a range of black anodising finishes. Available in 20μm and 25μm.

Colour Variation

Variations with materials from the same batch will occur in the final product. Viewing the product from different angles and light sources will have a noticeable effect on apparent colour. Variations are exacerbated in lighter shades such as Natural finishes. 

Disclaimer: Where standard caustic anodising can exacerbate imperfections in the metal, Niche anodising provides a superior surface finish as it minimises serious die and bearing lines. With less aluminium oxide, Niche Anodising solution is also a more environmentally friendly choice.  

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Surface Finishing


Polishing gives aluminium a shining lustre, and is used with products that require decorative finishing. 

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