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Surface Finishing

As part of our vertically integrated service, McKechnie Aluminium has on-site anodising and powdercoating facilities. All surface coating is done to international standards.

Powder Coating 

Our state of the art powder coating facility which was commissioned in 2009 is one of the best in Australasia offering superior finish.

Up to 6.5m extrusion length capability.

In excess of 100 colours are offered and specialty colours are available on request.  

Please contact us for more details of our colour options.


Anodising is a durable and hardwearing finish offering maximum protection in harsh environments.  A range of colours and micron (7-25μm) finishes are offered to ensure you achieve the desired look.

Matt "Natural Anodising
For a contemporary look, natural anodising is the most popular anodising finish.  For harsh environments such as coastal or corrosive areas, natural anodising in 25μm offers the best protection.

Permak "Bronze" Anodising
Suitable for the traditional feel or to suit darker colour schemes in architectural applications, bronze anodising gives a timeless and classic look while maintaining maximum protection.
Also available in champagne, light and dark bronze variations.

Black Anodising
More applicable for component and display hardware, a range of black anodising finishes is on offer. 

Our anodising plant provides excellent service to customers at the highest standards.

Niche Premium Anodised Finish

Our Niche anodised finish uses a process of acid etching to give you a more uniform matt look to all visible aluminium surfaces.

  • Provides a premium matt finish
  • Reduces die lines
  • Smooths surface defects
  • Enviromentally friendlier than regular anodising
  • Available in Natural, Bronze and Black finishes


Polishing gives aluminium a shining lustre and is used on products that require decorative finishing.