McKechnie and Omega Closed as a result of the NZ Govt Covid19 decision to move the country to Level 4 status.

We will reopen on April 23rd, 2020

As most of you will be aware the New Zealand Government moved the country to a Level 3 crisis status on Monday March 23rd and to Level 4 at midnight on Wednesday 25th March 2020.

This means that along with most businesses, we will be closing down from 2.30 pm on Wednesday 25th of March, 2020 for a period of four weeks. At this stage we will look to re-open on Thursday the 23rd of April 2020.

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Classification of Hollow Extruded Shapes

Manufacturing tolerances AS/NZS 1866:1997

Hollow extruded shapes are classified as follows:

Class A

A hollow extruded shape having a single void with no internal or external protrusions, and which is greater than 15 mm in diameter or 177 mm≤ in area. The void may be round, square or rectangular, provided that the width/depth ratio is less than 5:1. It has uniform wall thickness except that a non- uniform wall is allowed at corners having internal or external radii up to 7.5 mm. 

Class B

A single void hollow extruded shape other than a Class A shape, or a solid shape incorporating a single semi-hollow area classified as a hollow. 

Class C

A hollow extruded shape having two or more fully enclosed voids. 

Class D

Any hollow shape that incorporates a semi-hollow area, or any solid shape that incorporates multiple semi-hollow areas that are classified as hollows.

Yacht Mast Extrusion

A hollow or solid extruded shape, which is basically round or elliptical in section and which incorporates a sail track or has provision for a sail track, used in the manufacture of masts and booms for yachts.